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Hello! I am a Graphic Designer from Barcelona,
I am very passionate about bringing brought ideas to life. {!} Feel free to check out my latest work.

Physical-digital USB collection that invites us to rethink about privacy loss and the consequent vulnerability of our personal identity, being this last one exposed through technology. The display consists of an interactive stand in which the user can look into the devices, found on the flea market “Els Encants” in Barcelona. The data it’s classified into four categories, the first one being the most public and the last one of a compromising nature, being documents with a high level of privacy.  
Lost Privacy | 2021
Collection of Public-Private Data
In collaboration with Meg Martorell, Erik Obermüller,
Sara Barcons, Ángela Fdez de Valdemarra & Charlotte Reichardt.                   Interaction | Editorial